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Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.
— Baltasar Gracian quoted by Derek Morgan
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Reid: I’ve been thinking about it; the whole time I’ve known Hotch, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him blink.
Garcia: I know. It’s weird.
Reid: It’s classic alpha male behavior.
Garcia: Do you think he stared down that Foyet?
Reid: Maybe. Could be what saved his life.Garcia: Do you think he stared the whole time, like with each stab? [Mimicking stabs]
Reid: I have no idea.Garcia: Is he okay?
Reid: I wouldn’t be, but… I’m a blinker.
— Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia. Season 5 Episode 2. Criminal Minds quote of the day (via youkicklikeanineyearoldgirl-cm)
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JJ: Do you ever read anything other than technical books? 

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Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau in Criminal Minds 9.14: 200

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We were three stories up above the parking lot with just a little rope tied around our waist, and I’m telling you… A.J. Cook has more balls for stunts that anyone I’ve ever seen. That beautiful little blonde is a monster in the best way. There was no crash pad. There’s no ledge. I was amazed by her. There I was, getting home at two o’clock in the morning, texting her: “You are such a badass.”

Paget Brewster on AJ Cook during the 200th episode (x)

they’re so fucking adorable

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9x14 - BFFs just know

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200, 9x14

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200, 9x14

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Is that how you boys say hello to Miss Garcia? 

friendly reminder of how you’ve ruined my life… our lives… the shippers.

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